Complication Management of Dermal Filler and Dissolving Dermal Fillers Training Course

Half Day Course

Our bespoke Aesthetic complications course is designed to equip both new and experienced practitioners with the skills to recognise, manage and prevent aesthetic complications. Using a systematic approach, the course covers immediate, early and late-onset complications with key management protocols for each, with the core principle of patient safety.

Course overview 

Learning to administer hyaluronidase is an essential skill for all aesthetic practitioners. Hyaluronidase is a substance that is used to dissolve hyaluronic acid fillers. This can be used for cosmetic purposes, for example if a client feels a previous filler treatment does not suit them. It can also be used for medical reasons, for example if a client has a negative reaction or an adverse effect to a filler. We would suggest that no serious aesthetician goes into the industry without being trained in this course. 

Please note: Hyaluronidase is a prescription only medicine and you will require clinical oversight to prescribe this to your client.

This course is designed to teach practitioners who use dermal fillers how to safely remove any unwanted filler.  

You will be taught how to:

  • Safely mix hyaluronidase 
  • Injection techniques  
  • Management of adverse reactions  
  • Legal use of Hyaluronidase – it is a prescription medicine  
  • Client safety  
  • Relevant theory 

Price: Was £500, Now £300 Inc VAT

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