1 “Cleanse and heal”

Trust us and put yourself in our safe hands and receive a nutrient rich cleansing facial which will heal and balance your skin. This is everything you could ask for to address reduce the acne, scars and discoloration by the treatment tailored specially for you and your skin needs. This treatment involves, detoxifying steam, a deep double cleanse with ultrasonic cleanser and  microdermabrasion to exfoliate the skin, manual extraction, Dermapen needling with antioxidant serums (product name to be confirmed) to stimulate collagen production and repair processes, improving skin tension and elasticity, improving blood supply and nourishment, high frequency current to produce oxygen which assist in killing stubborn bacteria under the skin due to the rapid rate of oscillation. It also includes our bespoke massage to ease tension on your face, shoulders and neck. We will end reaffirming full face mask (Product to be confirmed) to complete this facial that will be specially tailored for you.

This treatment can be also extended to back and shoulders to treat stubborn acne and scars.

2 “I don’t have much time today”

A treatment tailored to the individual needs of the skin, depending on whether you have dry or oily skin. We will choose a product and treatment suitable to your skin type. Just lay back and receive a result driven treatment including steam, indirect high frequency with the current flow that brings relaxing and warming effects helping to absorb the product used during the treatment while tensing the muscle fibres. This treatment is designed to boost your complexion, stimulate the circulation bringing the oxygen and nutrients to cells tissue thus improving skin texture, revitalise tired skin, increase lymphatic drainage which aids the removal of waste and toxins. The added massage will completely relax and release all the stress out of you.

Price List

  • Example Treatment £50.00


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