After Care

AllSkin Med

A skin system with a simple philosophy. To make our clients feel great in their skin and boost their skin confidence. 

Following a skin consultation, we will create a home-use skincare regime for you combining key ingredients to target every layer of your skin. The results from the home-use regime will be boosted with a menu of advanced, regular in-clinic treatments.

Focusing on the core indications of ageing, photo-damaged and tired skin, is the perfect choice for the majority of our clients. The system can also work in complete synergy with the treatments and devices. 

AllSkin Products were carefully created by Cantabria Labs who have decades of experience in A global dermatology company with decades of experience who lead the way in innovation and research. 

Boost the results of your clients’ home regime with the beautifully luxurious, results-driven treatments. The menu of treatments, based on the core skincare technologies, have been carefully developed using combinations of epidermal micro-needling, high concentration treatment serums, product masks plus firming and lifting massage techniques.

We will tailor each treatment for your needs, giving you the best results and experience depending on your requirements at that time – whether they’re going through a more intensive cluster of three treatments, or their regular monthly booster.

Treatments range between 30 minutes and an hour depending on intensity. 

Retail Products list 

SUN Mineral protection SPF50

GF Rich Replenishing Cream

GF Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Eye Contour

GF High Potency Firming Serum

C Light Anti-ox Moisturising Gel

AHA Texturising and Smoothing Skin Serum

LIGHTENING Pigment Correction Serum

R Advanced Skin Renewal Gel 0.5%

R Extreme Skin Renewal Gel 1%

R Skin Renewal Transition Cream

R Essential Skin Renewal Gel 0.2%

Gentle Cleanser

Home roller