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Excess free radicals is the main cause of premature skin aging? And the treatment with active hydrogen reduces their amount to a safe level? Taking care of the highest standards of anti-aging treatment in our clinic–we proceed by cleansing the skin, exfoliating the stratum corneum and neutralizing excess free radicals. Thanks to this, we will not only achieve better treatment results, but also protect our skin against premature aging.

Reactive oxygen species, or ROS (reactive oxygen species (ROS)), are specific chemical systems containing oxygen atoms with an unpaired electron (the so-called radicals). Contrary to popular belief, free radicals play a very important role in our body.

Under the conditions of homeostasis (the internal state of equilibrium of our body), reactive oxygen species are “intermediaries” of many cellular processes, incl. they induce cell apoptosis, stimulate glucose transport, but also increase the permeability of capillary walls, which in turn determines the course of the inflammatory reaction.

Unfortunately, with age the pro-oxidative and antioxidant balance is disturbed,and the excess ROS begin to have a destructive effect on such cell components as proteins, nucleic acids or lipids. The organ that is most exposed to the multiplication of ROS is our skin.

Importantly, the main catalytic factor in the process of free radical formation is UVB (ultraviolet-B) and UVA (ultraviolet-A) radiation. And here you should ask yourself, are you sure I use sun protection all year round, or only during the period of the highest radiation?

The result of not using UVB / UVA filters is not only premature skin aging, but also impaired lipid metabolism and increased susceptibility to cancer

One of the most popular treatments in the last few months is hydrogen purification. Why exactly hydrogen?

• ROSbind with hydrogen ions, leading to the formation of water and pure oxygen:2O2 * -+ 2H + -> H2O2 + O2 => 2H2O + O2

• No other molecule is able to so effectively eliminate the effects of free radicals (considering the neutrality for the patient’s skin).

• Due to specific chemical processes -hydrogen purification neutralizes free radicals on the skin surface. This treatment should be an introduction to any anti-aging therapy. Many of the machines available on the market are so-called hydropeels. They have skin cleansing properties with the use of special solutions -but they do not have the hydrogen purification function.

Many devices have care stages that make the hydrogen purification treatment more attractive. The most desirable are: exfoliation with a mixture of acids, oxygenation of the skin before the application of antioxidants, lamination with a mixture of antioxidants, introducing active substances into the skin, lifting the face after radio wave treatment.

Our skin is constantly exposed to the sun, and thus to UV radiation. Therefore, after the hydrogen purification treatment, it is worth inducing the so-called the effect of lamination, i.e. temporary protection of the skin against the re-multiplication of ROS. We can achieve this effect thanks to the correct distribution of antioxidants in the treated area.

Speaking of antioxidants -it is worth mentioning their important role in our body.Antioxidants are protective substances that donate their electrons to free radicals and transform themselves into an oxidized form, which is characterized by low reactivity (they prevent the oxidation of other components). These compounds can be referred to as “free radical scavengers” which prevent aggressive free radical reactions.

The following substances are recommended for use in the skin lamination process:

• Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) -a compound commonly used in medicine and cosmetology, widely known for its antioxidant properties.

• A-tocopherol (Vitamin E) -protects cell membranes and lipids against oxidation.

• Β-carotene -performs a similar role as vitamin E -shows the ability to remove singlet oxygen and lipoid peroxides. It protects the skin against premature aging.

• Coenzyme Q10 -has the ability to regenerate vitamin E and enhance its antioxidant efficiency.

It is worth noting that the lamination effect will last longer when the above-mentioned substances are introduced into the deeperlayers of the skin.

Stage 1. Neutralization of free radicals with hydrogen water.

Stage 2. Exfoliation of the dead layers of the epidermis.

Stage 3. Oxygenation of the skin as a preparation for the introduction of antioxidants.

Stage 4. Distribution of the antioxidant over the treatment area.

Stage 5. Introduction of the antioxidant into the intercellular space.

Stage 6. Anti-aging treatment.By maintaining the above treatment procedure, we can expect long-lasting effects, especially in the form of proper hydration, brightening of the skin, and improvement of its elasticity and colour alignment.

The treatment is dedicated to all skin types, it is recommended on its own as well as for combined therapies. Most importantly, it can be used all year round without the risk of side effects.

Hydrogen purification is dedicated to both women and men and is an introduction to any anti-aging therapy. In addition, as an individual treatment, it gives the effect of in-depth cleansing and refreshment. Ithelps to even out the skin tone and stimulates it to improve its elasticity. An additional advantage of the therapy is the very small number ofcontraindications. The most important are: active skin diseases, pathological states of chronic diseases (cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.), pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The versatile use of active hydrogen, the safety of the therapy and the lack of invasiveness make hydrogen purification one of the beauty treatments most sought after by patients. It should be remembered that the correct preparation of the skin for the treatment is half the success, and the neutralization of free radicals during anti-aging treatments is the absolute basis of a properly conducted therapy.

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