Plasma and Rich Platelet Fibre

The treatment with the use of platelet rich fibrin is an advanced anti-aging treatment. The treatment is completely safe, because growth cells and stem factors obtained from the patient’s blood are used. This breakthrough method of skin rejuvenation is often mistaken for a platelet-rich plasma treatment, but in reality, it is more effective.

The skin loses valuable nutrients as well as collagen and elastin with age. The result is a noticeable photoaging effect on the skin, a loss of elasticity and firmness, as well as increasing wrinkles. The purpose of the active fibrin treatment is to delicately highlight wrinkles and to stimulate skin cells to self-regenerate in the long term.

Due to the formation of fibrin fibber mesh under the skin, we have an almost immediate effect in the form of wrinkle reduction. Co-logging fibrin begins to push out the tissues above it, giving a mild bulging effect. The effect of cell stimulation, i.e. long-term effect, is due to platelets (thrombocytes) trapped between fibrin fibbers.

Thrombocytes secrete their growth factors continuously, but slowly. This leads to increased multiplication of vascular endothelial cells, which improves blood supply and tissue nutrition. Fibroblasts are also activated, resulting in the synthesis of new collagen – the main factor responsible for skin firmness and elasticity.

The mode of action of the therapy can be compared to i-PRF active fibrin compared to platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy. However, there is a significant difference in the way growth factors are released from platelets. Their slow and long-lasting secretion during treatment with platelet rich fibrin i-PRF provides us with a much better effect than their sudden release that occurs in mesotherapy.

Cells are constantly stimulated and it is unnecessary to renew their stimulus signal so often, and the effect lasts up to 2 years.

Approximately one hour.

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Patient can immediately go back to work. Effects up to 2 years. High security.

There are no complications.

  • deep wrinkles, tissue defects, acne scars

Platelet rich fibrin injection is performed under local anaesthesia. 30 minutes before injection, a cream containing aesthetic ingredients is applied to the treated areas to ensure the greatest comfort of the procedure.


The small amount of blood drawn by the specialist is separated, and the resulting solution is taken into a syringe equipped with a micro needle, the pricks of which are almost imperceptible. The whole procedure takes about 60 minutes.

It is recommended to use active fibrin therapy in parallel with other therapies such as Dermapen mesotherapy.

Healing procedures that require the use of the patient’s own blood, i.e. autologous material, are among the safest treatments of aesthetic medicine due to the negligible risk of allergic reactions or intolerance.

  • autoimmune diseases
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • cancers
  • some blood diseases

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