Skin Boosters Master Class

Level : Advanced

Duration of course : 1 Day
CPD Hours : 8

Practical experience : 4 hours with live patients 

During the training you will learn the following: 

·       Extensive theories

·       Issues related to the anatomy of the face and neck

·       Anatomical traps

·       Types of preparations

·       Differences between preparations

·       Various techniques of administration of preparations (work with needles and cannulas) 

 ·       Work on different areas of the face and body

·       Working with a lot of models

Price: £1,400 Inc VAT

Skin Boosters types used during the training:


Place of interaction: intercellular matrix their purpose is to moisturize the skin, improve the quality of the intercellular matrix, in which there are HA acid molecules produced, among others by fibroblasts the skin’s ingredients are mainly hyaluronic acid with particles of various sizes H-HA high molecular: moisturizes and fills the intercellular space L-HA low molecular weight intensify the controlled inflammation (this initiated by the mere fact of injection) those products do not volumize, have a permanent or no effect on cell proliferation and collagen or elastin reconstruction (puncture effect and effect on fibroblast CD44 receptors)

• moisturizing – they spread quickly under the skin

• ideal for dehydrating, dry skin with fine wrinkles

 Products used Profhilo, Ejal40 as an example


Volumetric  stimulators collagen biostimulation leads to the proliferation of skin cells, protein synthesis, effect: significant improvement of skin quality, increase of tissue volume by intensive stimulation of own, new collagen (type I, then III) in the composition of calcium L- polylactic acid, collagen, polycaprolactone effect: volumizing the tissues a safer alternative to cross-linked hyaluronic acid ideal for filling tissue defects (temples, chin, cheeks, according to the natural V lift protocol.

Product used Radiesse, Karisma as an example


Their purpose is to turn the functions of biostimulators and biorevitalizers. The nomenclature was introduced to HYALUAL (due to the addition of succinic acid), but over time the name was assigned to preparations that have the functions of biorevitalizers and biostimulators redermalizers lead to the proliferation of skin cells, protein synthesis, blocking free radicals, increasing hydration, hydration, oxygenation, concentration, acidification Li H and other substances, i.e. amino acids, peptides, polynucleotides, L-polylactic acid, sodium succinate effect: comprehensive hydration, renewal and protection against premature cellular apoptosis.

Product used Jalupro, Xela Rederm as an example

Areas of Treatments:

Hands, neck, face, décolletage, body

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