Fat Dissolving


Aqualyx fat dissolving injections are ideal for people who want to remove stubborn fat without the invasive surgery. This permanent fat reduction treatment eliminates fatty tissue in areas that no amount of exercise or a healthy diet seem to get rid of.


The procedure ‘Intralipotherapy’ at Changes Clinic uses Aqualyx which consists of injecting the specially-formulated compound solution into a localized pocket of fat. Popular areas to be treated are around a double chin, abdomen, thighs, saddle bags, stomach and upper arms. When Aqualyx is injected, it liquefies the fat cell, destroying it permanently and releasing the lipids. These lipids are then eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

Aqualyx Fat dissolving injections are biocompatible and biodegradable. Also most importantly, are the only product available with a registered medical; CE mark. Our Aqualyx treatments are administered by our trained experts who have many years experience.


Fat removal injections are a fantastic solution for reducing fatty tissue around the chin, as this can be a difficult area to tone and flatten with exercise and diet. Aqualyx is a very popular treatment to remove this unwanted chin fat as it will melt away the fat cells for good. Goodbye double chin, hello jawline definition!

Aqualyx is a minimally invasive treatment which is a fantastic alternative to liposuction, without having to undergo surgery. The injection has skin tightening properties and is suitable for most people aged between 18-60 years who have a stubborn pocket of fat or a few fat deposits which will not budge. This form of fat removal may not be suitable for those who are clinically overweight. Our team of experts can discuss this and our other fat removal treatments when you book your consultation.

Typically a reduction in fat using this injection requires 2-4 treatments. A following treatment may be recommended depending on the size of the area. These injections will be 3-6 weeks apart.

Following your first course of injections, the process of fat dissolving takes around 4 weeks. You will start to see full results, including firmness and flattening around 8 weeks after your initial treatment. This is when fatty tissue dissolves and will naturally pass through urine and the lymphatic system.

With this fat dissolving treatment, you will NOT need general anaesthetic and the injections are minimally invasive. This means you will not need much downtime at all in order to go back to your normal daily routine. You will experience some bruising or swelling initially but this will gradually diminish and you will feel more comfortable within 6-9 days.

This treatment will destroy fat cells in your body and so is long lasting, up to four years. When combined with healthy dieting and exercise, the effects of this fat removal can last even longer.

Price List

  • Fat Dissolving Small Area - One-off treatment £150.00

    (Chin, Neck)

  • Fat Dissolving Medium Area - One-off treatment £180.00

    (Knees, bingo wings ,love handles )

  • Fat Dissolving Large Area One-off treatment £240.00

    (Stomach, Thighs, Hips, Back, Under Buttocks)

  • Fat Dissolving Small Area - Course of 2 treatments £280.00

    (Chin, Neck)

  • Fat Dissolving Medium Area Course of 3 treatments £500.00

    (Knees, bingo wings, love handles)

  • Fat Dissolving Large Area - Course of 4 treatments £800.00

    (Stomach, Thighs, Hips, Back, Under Buttocks)

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